David G. Thomson, a distinguished business growth keynote speaker and best-selling author shares his insights from his best-selling book “Blueprint to a Billion” on how to transform a small business into a high growth business that can achieve exponential revenue growth all the way to a billion and beyond. These business strategy insights are based on a three year study which identifies the success pattern of America's highest growth companies. Thomson as presented to thousands of leaders and management teams in North America and Asia. David uniquely links insights to actions that will grow your company successfully to the next level. David's billion-dollar business building experience, combined with his McKinsey & Company consulting background, provides a unique ability to turn insights into actions so that audiences from all industries find his keynotes of high value.

His clients include Fortune 500 and Mid-Market companies, professional organizations, non-profits and educational institutions who desire to identify an actionable, pragmatic and success-based business growth strategy and action plan. Many of these clients have invited David back because of his ability to customize his presentations, positive audience feedback and his ever-fresh content incorporating the latest research and insights.

Depending on your preference and needs, David's keynotes and discussions range from 30 minutes, one hour, two hours or even a half day. For whole day sessions, David can provide a customized 7 Essentials Workshop. This workshop is a structured approach to developing your roadmap to achieve exponential revenue growth. Please refer to the 7 Essentials Workshop on this Web site for additional information.